Open A Store of Your Own

Join the next generation of booksellers by opening a B & L Books store. We can help
you on a consulting basis or provide all you need including store layout, shelving,
inventory, operations manual and in-store training.

Advantages of a New/Used Book Store

Inventory is the most expensive investment in opening a book store. With the used /new
book store, your inventory is developed by your customers based on what they trade in
and what they buy. Investment for this inventory is in the form of credit which is
redeemed at the time of purchase, freeing up valuable cash for operation expenses. New
books are limited to current publications and selected back list.

Create Your Own Niche

In addition to selling new and used paperbacks, you can also create a niche market for
your store. For instance, if you want to specialize in mysteries, you can promote your
store as a store for mystery readers. Let the used books pay the expenses while you
devote your cash on the theme of your store.

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