UBIC System

Add professionalism - Increase profits

The UBIC System is the computerized inventory control system designed specifically for the used book store.  Below are the features which enable it to become your inventory manager and professionalize your business:

  1. Up to the minute information on what's in stock


  1. Eliminate unnecessary overstock


  1. Efficient system for reserving  & renting books for customers

  1. Search by ISBN, author, title, series name & number, or keyword

  1. Print barcode labels

  1. Daily activity reports

  1. Customer list and label program

  1. Multiple ISBN's

  1. Calculates customer credit and maintain balances

  1. Calculates sale, subtracts the credit, & adds sales tax

  1. Subtotals and totals daily sales activity

  1. Electronically order new books

The UBIC System - The System that puts YOU in control

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