Our Pricing Policy

Our books are priced as follows:

*   40% off the publisher's retail price if more than $4.99

     (Example - Retail price $7.99    Our price $4.79)

*   $2.50 if publisher’s retail price is $4.99 or less

     (Example - Retail price $1.95  Our price $2.50)

*   Items with “Red Dots“ are the price marked on the red dot

*   Print on Demand (POD) books are usually full price

*   Special Order used books are priced individually

          *   New books are discounted  15%

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Our Trade-In Policy

In fairness to all we ask that you bring in no more than 25 books per visit.  You can earn up to 20% of the publisher’s retail price in credit for the books you trade in. Your credit information is maintained in our computer, however, we will gladly print you a receipt if requested. 

Although we would like to accept all books in trade, we are limited  by the quantity currently in stock, the demand, and the quality of the books brought in. Books and CD’s  purchased at B & L Books within the last 3 months are given first consideration for credit, but we cannot guarantee you will earn credit on all books traded in even if previously purchased here at B & L Books.

Credit may be used for:

        *   Half Our price of used books

     (Example:  Our price $5.00 = $2.50 credit & $2.50 out of pocket)

*   25%  Publisher's retail price of New Books

      (Example:  Publisher price $7.99=$2.00 credit & $5.99 out of pocket)

*   Half the "Red Dot" price

      (Example:  Red Dot price $4.00=$2.00 credit & $2.00 out of pocket)

               NOTE:  Credit may not be used on Autographed Books

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Credit may not be used for:

*   Hardcover Books

*   Sidewalk Sale Books

*   Sidelines

Trade Policy